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Top Bingo Casinos - However, what is happening now in Washington has little to do with any beliefs, but more with false argumetns circulated by parties threatened by this new industry. Self-interested lobbying against gambling, under various disguises, has a long history.

I am an online bingo player at a great site, Bingo Gang. Over the last three years I have played there, I have had some awesome experiences. It all started about three years ago, I was playing at an online casino. I usually played video poker or slots there quite often. The other games such as craps, blackjack and roulette are not really for me. I don’t like games that I have to think too much about to play. Then I got bored one day with my usual games and clicked on a tab that said other games. There, I saw bingo. So I clicked on it. I transferred funds from my casino account to my bingo account. It was Bingo Gang, the name of the bingo site. I was immediately warmly welcomed by the bingo chat leader and wished good luck by all the bingo roomies. This was like a new world for me. When I played the other online casino games, there was no one but me and the computer game. Now suddenly, there were actual people talking to me and playing bingo with me. I had never played bingo before and the bingo chat leader was very helpful and walked me through it step by step.

I got so excited, I started to sweat, and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest. To my disbelief, my bingo cards turned green. I didn’t even realize until I saw a flurry of wtg’s (way to go) in the chat from the other bingo roomies. It was so exciting and my balance went up $50. All I had played was 3 bingo cards at .25 each for a total of .75. I couldn’t believe I just won $50 in bingo from .75 bet. That was when I got hooked to online bingo. I have won many games at Bingo Gang; some of them were quite large bingo pots too. Needless to say, I cashed out, closed my casino account and opened a bingo account with Bingo Gang.

I have visited lots of Bingo sites, mostly free online bingo games I have only deposited at two sites that I trusted enough to deposit with. I work hard but dont earn enough to justify spending large amounts on online bingo but I still enjoy the game just the same. I guess I have become a Free Online Bingo junkie but in saying that you could also say I am a realist and live within my means.

I really enjoy chatting to other players from all over. I play 24/7 and now that I am retired it's a great pastime and a great way to meet new friends, she concluded.

I understand you can no longer get a commercial lessor license to lease bingo facilities; that you can only buy an existing one from the current owners.

Ibingo is once again hosting another Bingo cruise which will leave Miami, Florida on 17 April 2006 for 4 days of nonstop Bingo action. The cut off date for booking the 6th February 2006. So start booking now as soon as possible to avoid dissappointment as there are limited cabins available. The 4-day itinerary aboard the ship called the Carnival Fascination includes stops at Mexico, Cozumel and Key West, so make your booking now for this 4-day entertaining cruise. The Carnival Fascination has a total guest capacity of 2052.

If another player gets a bingo, it is your duty as a bingo roomies to congratulate said player and say wtg (way to go) or gg (good going). You would certainly want the same recognition if you won a bingo.

If the impression is good, the player can sign up for an account. Free sites do not ask the player to make any deposits, as the games are obviously free. Games are played with a currency often known as Fun Bucks. This allows the player to buy their cards with pretend money and earn bonus points for which they can potentially earn their free online bingo bonus. Registration is a simple procedure. Players simply need to fill out their details onto an online form, choose a user name and then wait to receive an account confirmation form in their email inbox. Once the account has been activated, they simply need to log in to start playing.

If you are a bingo beginner, don’t run after money. Try to get used to the online bingo game by playing for free, and only afterwards dare for more. By ignoring this rule, you may end up with empty pockets, and we strongly believe it’s better to learn from other’s experience than to feel it on your own skin.

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