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Online Bingo Casinos - Every week, Bingogang offers some great KEY EVENTS. Almost everyday, there is something exciting going on. The Key Events change week to week but you can always depend on certain promotions running each month.

I am thrilled and amazed at the wide variety online bingo options available. Multiple sites offer free bingo, and most of them also offer real money games too. Some online bingo halls even offer free cards to try their site, and if you win with the free cards, the money is yours.

I had decided to play semi-clothed suited Aces in middle/late position in this game. They weren't completely naked, but I was playing with kickers down to 8. This burned me twice, though for the pots I won with the same hands, I think I'd continue this strategy in these live fishy games. It needs a bit more live testing before I have a good opinion on it. Anyway, twice I'm in a hand like that and hit my Ace on the flop. I bet it all the way, both times with only one caller (the same woman, a local who later mentioned that she was from India). Both times she too held an Ace, and I was outkicked - BY HER KING! Ace-King, no preflop raise, no raise ANYWHERE for that matter. She even checked AFTER me on the river in one of the hands! Wow. I can understand the no PFR - I mean, some people are just passive in nature, and she was definitely a peaceful type of woman. But, I mean - come on! She could have totally made more money off me than she did. Maybe she wasn't playing for the money - I don't know. If I had to be outkicked, I wanted it to be by her, because I lost as little money as possible in that situation when it was up against her. Incidentally, I didn't lose with Ace-little to anybody else, and even won one off her with Ace-ten of clubs versus her Ace-3 offsuit. I was just amazed at how passive she was. Absolutely amazed. She was very polite and smiley though - not a chatty woman, but friendly.

I love to play Bingo so much that My husband thiks that I'm having an aaffair on the computer. I'm playing Bingo when he goes to bed. And I'm still on the computer when he gets up in the moring. His first Reaction is " Are you still playing Bingo" and My reaction is " Well I can't win if I don't play" Right everyone. lol

I remember going with my mother to the local bingo hall as a child. I especially remember the constant chatter among the bingo players, the call of the numbers, and the periodic yell of "Bingo!", which was, of course, always followed by simultaneous excitement from the winners and groans from the losers.

I was in another hand that pissed off EgoMan. I had AQs and raised preflop on the button. He came along for the ride for a flop of 10-10-Q. He bets, I call (fearing a 10 in his hand). Turn - blank. He checks, I bet, he calls. River comes a 3. He checks, I bet, he raises. I'm thinking, "Damn ten's..." I call for the one additional bet, and he turns over his cards, exclaiming, "TWO PAIR! Queens and Threes!" Yes, he fully expected to win that pot, until I turned over my cards and said, "Actually, your third pair doesn't count - I've got Queens and Tens, Ace kicker." He was dumbfounded, and started cursing under his breath. This kid became so unbearably rude that I loved every cent I could take from him. That makes me feel like such an awful person to say such a thing, but... I sure was thinking it.

I'd won the hand before, so here I go again with the kill button. I limp with 8-5 offsuit (my $4 was already in since I had the kill button). I flopped a gutshot draw, and with 6 people in the hand, I decided to take my chances and called EgoMan's bet on the flop. The turn came a blank, and it checked around. The river brought my 7, giving me the high straight to the 8, and EgoMan bet it. Two people called, and I raised. Everyone called. I won. EgoMan was PISSED, because he had pocket Queens and got busted all to hell. Shoulda raised preflop, eh? I'da folded like a leaf.

If ever I have a query about the bingo game and especially about my money I like to know that I can send an email anytime of the day and I can expect to receive a reply within an adequate time frame and with an adequate response to my email. Not a big ask I don’t think!! Ultimately, it is the Bingo player that keeps these sites alive and if they are investing their money to play Bingo at that site the least that these players can expect is a suitable answer to their query.

If the registration notification and identification cards should be sent to an address other than the home address of the applicant, then Item J on the Texas Application for Registry of Approved Bingo Workers should be completed.

If you are building a garage or a shed, you have some leniency in terms of how things fit together. Sure, you assemble the basic frame as accurately and precisely as you can, but a millimeter here, half an inch there, and you're still good. But it's not the case if you are building a greenhouse. Not the case at all. Imagine assembling your whole frame and finding that your window frames don't fit. Imagine trying to recut them,- an expensive waste of time and money that does nothing at all to fix the problem - and then having to dig out your foundations and start again. Imagine burning it down for the insurance and calling it a day. Such is the nightmare of building a greenhouse from scratch. Never again, my friend. Never again.

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