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Bingo Online - Hundreds of High Wycombe bingo fans have been given a reprieve after a new venue was found for their favorite game. The Needham Bingo and Social Club closed two weeks ago after a decline in members, which resulted in the remaining players without a venue.

I did not receive my temporary license Monday. Today is Tuesday and the game is Wednesday. Can you fax a copy of the license? Can I play without it?

I have had several messages from long-time players asking when the bingo will be closing and while I have done my best to assure them that we are not going to do that we are constantly being undermined by the mayor, said Brian King, operations director at Carlton Bingo, according to the North Tyneside Today.

I only wanted two after 29 numbers had been called, he said. "My heart was beating so fast I thought it would burst. This is my third year of playing bingo and I go five or six times a week at the moment. I enjoy it so much."

I strongly recommend that you surf a bit and visit the sites that offer FREE online Bingo games. Of course you will need to register to play, but it is only like other game sites, all you need to provide is your User Name and a Password (plus an email address). This is sufficient for most sites. Some sites when opting for Free online Bingo you dont even have to register, you can enter the site as a guest and then if and when you chose to deposit you are directed to the cashier where you then have to complete all the registration details.

I, on the other hand, was doing alright. I wasn't catching monster hands preflop, but I saw enough playable cards, and for every 1 suckout I endured, I dragged 3 or so decent pots. So, I was profiting from the fishy play. A few random stories (I didn't take notes - sorry guys):

If a player completes the required sequence, he presses the bingo button on his computer. The caller then checks his numbers with those called out so far. If they match, the player is the winner and gets the prize. If more than two players have the winning sequence, then they share the prize money.

If Play Online Bingo Online is called on that number, winnings are doubled. “Pattern Play Online Bingo Online” is won by completing a particular pattern on the card in the form of a letter such as an “X”, “T”, “H”, + sign, etc. Double and Triple Play Online Bingo Onlines are won by completing a regular Play Online Bingo Online card with the usual horizontal, vertical or diagonal patterns with either two or three separate Play Online Bingo Onlines required on the same card.

If this happens, please send an email to, containing the following information: Alias, Date of Win, Time of Win, and the session ID number.

If you are keen to learn how to play online bingo, but are not sure if you are willing to play for real money just yet, then you should consider playing free bingo games online.

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